Thursday, October 9, 2008

photostatic electronica

change paper into electronica, it’s a photostatic disaster, is it my glasses or have i gone blind, the thing that remains the same for you, soon realize that the individual approach is a dead end, the mind of the writer has gone to mush, dash eight, gallons & pints of cream and beer, we might not need a copy if nobody wants it, parallel time,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


nothing is going to set you free, 066436, now we are not done with this text, how come the letters bunch up and then spead out, hyphen or m-dash, thank nothing, there is nothing wrong with my brain, tonerwallah, let us retire these texts, back up to where we can see better, step away from the photocopier, change nothing into something, reader come back, there can never be too much writing, hammering away on the typewriter, this computer, google tonerwallah,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1) the intermittent net
1) i wish i had a book
1) have connection, will...
1) looking for something to read
1) boring ideas
1) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
1) p.f.t.u.
1) "William Hayes" William Hoffer
1) r.p. is a failed poet
1) the illusion of connection
1) a cloud scientist
1) a (paper) zine called "Wireless Hotspot"
1) Sodexho (housekeyes)
1) apothesis? apotheosis?
1) a penny of support

ARC is still here

Re: a nobnreaking spcae or "cupacabhra"

1> ARC: under SKOS, underschool, sepunderation

16> KF1-9827 Federal law. Common and collective state law. Individual

9> it is

18> hockey


This is a link:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

a nonbreaking space or "chupacabra"

1) is ARC still here?
2) Christian BÖK is interested in photocopier degradation.
3) Stefano Pasquini’s website
4) Ron Emolo
5) frips
6) Clickingword Post
7) phil atelier
8) why am i making these marks?
9) this is not a question?
10) you’re not as brilliant as you used to be, but you’re not a nonbrilliant as you’re going to be
11) aggressive fluctuations
12) prize winning fluctuations
13) this line means absolutely nothing
14) writing is the sound of the dead still speaking
15) r.d. grass
16) KF856879
17) let me join you (there… (in the grave)
18) the hockey fluctuations
19) e-mail is a substitute for
20) first the rider
21) flang
22) literature or graphomania?
23) the inside of the exclusion zone
24) where a copy really means something
25) this text is to commemorate that nothing
26) you don’t really think i’m going to send you something do you?
27) temp has flew